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My pregnancy was a massive shock to me and really wasn’t planned. I felt in denial, undeserving and ungrateful for the blessing I would soon receive. I met with Jane in the hope to take some control and face the reality of what was going on inside of me. She was kind, gentle and mostly EXTREMELY knowledgeable on all things ‘pregnancy related.’ She listened, really listened and really cared. She made me feel so much calmer and in control of my situation. She drew from her own experiences of birthing and raising her own 9 children but also from all of the extensive work, training and research she has done. She gave me power, options and choices for my birth. I really couldn’t recommend anyone better. I will always be eternally grateful to Jane for the positive effect she has had on my pregnancy. 

Charlie x

From the very beginning, Jane has been supportive in my decisions to try and birth as naturally as possible. Jane has held a space for me to spend time working through how I was made to feel after a traumatic first birth ending in a c-section and gifted my confidence with making plans for a more positive experience. Jane has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she has been open to sharing with me, her down to earth approach has made me and my partner feel at ease from the start. After being diagnosed with gestational diabetes Jane spent the time making up a blend of herbs specific to my requirements and helped me make more sense of the situation, giving me clarity and confidence to make my own decisions on how to birth!! 

Every birthing woman deserves a Jane by their side!!

Bliss x

I can't thank you enough for being so kind, taking the time out to speak to me and for all the information you sent. it helped change my mindset, I was able to have confidence in expressing my needs at the hospital instead of feeling like a bystander in the whole process. Thanks again for putting me at ease, every woman should have a chat with you before birthing.

Simone x

Jane's support throughout my pregnancy was incredible. I struggled to speak about how I feel especially when I'm worried. Jane was so easy to talk to. She was always there when I needed her and regardless of what state I was in when I met with Jane I always left feeling calm and more prepared for birth. Jane helped me to trust in myself and my body. She really is a remarkable woman. Her knowledge is endless and her experience soo vast. I highly recommend her services. 

Annabel x

Jane showed me genuine care from the get-go and shared a lot of information which encouraged me to advocate for myself during appointments. She always held a safe space for me to make decisions. And her positive and calming presence provided a lot of comfort during my contractions. Having Jane in my corner was an absolute blessing and instrumental in changing my mindset during my pregnancy and birthing. I am super appreciative of her!

Thank you so much for everything Jane. You changed my life.

Chineme x

Jane was such a reassuring and calming presence after the birth of our baby daughter. She also checked in with me during pregnancy and it was super useful to run things by her. She was wonderful with our daughter and easily lulled her to sleep so I could have a good rest. She always brought special thoughtful gifts and food with her and was a wealth of knowledge on all things postpartum and baby. I really appreciated Jane's support, flexibility, warmth and kindness. Thank you, Jane X

May x


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