Postnatal Bundle

Often the first few weeks after having a baby can feel overwhelming. As a postpartum doula, I provide non-judgemental practical and emotional support for you, mothering the mother whilst offering support to the whole family to feel nourished and more confident, helping you adjust to life with a new baby.


I will be guided by what support you need, this may include a listening ear, infant feeding support, support with babywearing, taking care of the baby perhaps whilst you rest/sleep or enjoy some time for yourself, light housework, understanding normal newborn behaviour and preparing vegetarian or plant-based nutritional meals and drinks. This list is by no means exhaustive so if there is something else you have in mind do contact me so we can have a chat about how I can help.


I offer a free, no-obligation meeting to discuss how you would like a doula to help and support you and get to know each other a little.


My postnatal bundle includes 20 hours of postnatal visits usually spread across several weeks. 

I charge £500 plus expenses for 20 hours of postnatal support. Beyond this, you can either book another block of hours or additional visits can be arranged at a rate of £30 per hour (minimum 2 hours per visit).