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Perineum Healing Wash

Perineum Healing Wash



Perineum Healing - Start with self-kindness - be gentle with yourself Use a soft cushion or pillow in place whenever you sit down. Letting others help you with chores so you can focus on welcoming your beautiful baby into your life and healing the discomfort in the perineum can be very nurturing.



    Marigold, Yarrow, Comfrey Leaf, Dried Chamomile and Lavender Flowers.

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    Perineum Wash: Use 2 tbsp of herbs with a pint of boiling water and let it brew for a good 5 minutes (much stronger than if you were drinking the tea).

    Using Perineum Wash in the bath: After making the herbal brew, strain and add to a small amount of water into the bath. Just enough so that when you are sitting in the bath the water just covers your bottom and vaginal area. Then gently pour the strained brew into the bath water (always check temperature!) Swoosh the herbal brew around the area of the perineum. Sit in this water for several minutes then if you wish turn taps on and fill up the bath to your usual level. Otherwise simply get out of the bath.

    TIP: Fill a reusable muslin bag with 2/3 tbsp of the herb mixture and run a bath. Either hang the bag from the waterspout so that the warm water hits the bag as it fills the tub or put the bag in the warm bath water to let the herbs infuse and relax 2-Place a small amount of water in the bath, just enough to sit in. Add a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar, With The ‘Mother’ 3-One day of using apple cider vinegar and the next day using the herbal brew. Alternate in this way for a week to 10 days

    Using Perineum Wash in a peri bottle: After making the herbal brew, strain the tea into a bottle with a spray top. Then place the bottle by the side of the toilet, so that when you go to the loo you can spray the perineum area with the wash both before and after peeing. Not only is this a way of applying the herbal remedy for healing the tissue it is also assists in easing any stinging from pee touching the area.

    Using Perineum Wash with cloth pads: After you have brewed and strained the wash into a large bowl. Place a cloth menstrual pad into the bowl to soak then you can place inside your knickers for a short while. You will need to gage the wetness of the pad for yourself as to what works while you are in the house. Leave in place for as long as feels comfortable.



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