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I have over 30 years of experience in pregnancy, birth and supporting families in Bristol and the surrounding areas. A birth and postnatal doula, breastfeeding peer supporter, and a qualified perinatal educator, also known as Mamau Birth (pronounced Mam-eye) Welsh for Mother’s, inspired by my Welsh roots. I am Rastafari, a proud Bristolian living in St. Pauls, where I have raised nine children, five girls and four boys, the youngest being identical twins. I have always felt a strong sense of responsibility to family and the role of being a mother.

I am passionate about human rights, advocacy, inclusivity and empowerment, an active ally and moved to communicate this energy into supporting birthing families. I bring dignity, respect, cultural sensitivity and competency with knowledge and practical expertise into all aspects of my work. I aim to support and uplift parents to have positive, safe births and nurturing postpartum experiences.

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"My pregnancy was a massive shock to me and really wasn’t planned. I felt in denial, undeserving and ungrateful for the blessing I would soon receive. I met with Jane in a hope to take some control and face the reality of what was going on inside of me. She was kind, gentle and mostly.... 


"From the very beginning Jane has been supportive in my decisions to try and birth as naturally as possible. Jane has held a space for me to spend time working through how I was made to feel after a traumatic first birth ending in a

c-section and gifted my confidence with making plans for a more....

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