Meet Jane

Meet Jane

Let me start by saying welcome and congratulations.

I am a mother, daughter, sister, aunty, friend and strong believer in community.

What I bring of my lived experienced of the births of my nine children range from home birth, homebirth and transfer to hospital, hospital delivery and caesarean birth is invaluable.

Before I became a doula and birth educator, I was a 1-2-1 special needs teaching assistant. Building close relationships with the children and families I worked with, having their trust was extremely important.

The work required me to raise the learning and personal development of children who had individual complex needs and disabilities being flexible and having the foresight to anticipate what may come next.

I have found these skills transferable in the birth world, motivating and encouraging when needed by providing levels of individualised care. My expertise comes in extremely handy as a doula, birth can change its entire course in an instant. I am always ready to support the birthing family with love, intuition, kindness and a knowledge of understanding birth.

I have worked with many families planning different types of birth from vaginal birth, medical complications, caesarean birth, vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC), advanced maternal age, single mothers, homebirth, IVF, previous birth trauma and other traumas, and induction.

I was trained by Mars Lord of Abuela Doulas the first black-owned, UK founded doula course. Mars passion and activism for birth, educated me in the importance of showing love, care and dignity particularly for black, brown and marginalised birthing people. To bridge the gap of disparity in birth culture today, with a culturally safe practice where the mortality rates for Black women are five times higher than their white counterparts and to have no assumptions that their care will be the same.


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