Birth Preparation Bundle

What This Includes


I will work together with you and your birth partner (if applicable) and explore the support you would like. I can offer personalised sessions to suit your needs. 2×2 hour sessions, where I will come to your home where we can discuss:


  • Your birthing options
  • Any previous experiences of pregnancy, birth, loss or other experiences that you feel are important to share before you prepare for a new birth experience
  • Physiological birth and how the body’s natural hormones are produced to support the birth process and how to encourage and work in harmony with these hormones
  • The different phases of labour and birth and how you might feel and what would support you
  • Pain management and what your options are, both self-help and pharmaceutical
  • Physical skills and movements that can support the baby to get into an optimal position for labour and prepare your body and mind for birth
  • Support in preparing birth preferences that you can share with your care providers
  • Preparing for a home or hospital birth
  • Skin to skin and breast/chest feeding
  • Your preference birthing the placenta and what you could do with it?
  • Being flexible and prepared should your birth not go as you planned, such as interventions induction, assisted or caesarean birth and what your options are?
  • Your plans for after the baby is born, such as caring for the baby and how you can make the transition into parenthood as smooth as possible and what support you can put in place
  • Your birth rights in pregnancy and birth
  • Any questions you may have about pregnancy, birth, the postpartum period and the early days of parenting


Cost £140

Optional third and fourth sessions are available for a further £20 an hour


Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash

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